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An essential part of day-to-day maintenance programmes, oil and lubricants are a vital commodity in ensuring mechanical parts run smoothly and reliably.

Using the correct lubricant can significantly prolong the life of your machinery

and equipment saving you time and money

We can offer all the major brands of oils & greases such as

Shell, Mobil, Castrol, Q8 oils, Total, Loctite, Fuchs, Morris, SKF, Rocol, Kluber and many more

Our comprehensive range includes Assembly Aids, Coatings, High-Performance Lubricants, Industrial Oils, Extreme Pressure Greases, Food Grade Lubricants, Maintenance and many more in liquid and aerosol form.

This means that our customers have complete peace of mind that the products we supply for their general maintenance and repair schedules will fulfil their expectations.

Our Brands